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London Fashion Photographer

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Creative, Fashion, Hair & Beauty, Photographer.

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ARMAИDO didn't set out to become a photographer. But when he became one, 15 years into an illustrious cinematographic career, he knew he’d found his true calling. Or rather, it had found him.

Photography became an outlet for his creativity, which manifested itself in a series of commissions for top stylists and fashion houses. Soon, his startling compositions were gracing coffee tables and glossy magazines, with work notably appearing in publications by Toni & Guy, The Guardian, Creative Head, Intimo Mare, UW Mag and the Erotic Review.

Collaborations were also created with legendary fashion stylist Johnny Blue Eyes - for the House of Blue Eyes - and for lingerie company Ma Mignonette. Recently, he shot a cinematographic campaign for Agent Provocateur and was commissioned by Brooks and Brooks to produce images for their submission to the British Hairdresser Awards. Stylist Sophia Hilton made it through to the finals of the awards.

The clients who utilise ARMAИDO’s talents are from a wide array of publications, industries and nations. ARMAИDO’s work is truly captivating. Subjects are framed conically. Light is used sparingly but to devastating effect.

Drawing inspiration from his film-making background, ARMAИDO infuses elements of 1940s cinematic lighting with 21st-century chic. During a prolific cinematographic career, ARMAИDO filmed and directed over 200 music videos, working with acclaimed artists such as Manic Street Preachers, Motorhead, Paul Weller, Leftfield and Skunk Anansie.

ARMAИDO’s cinematic grounding has lent him an uncanny ability to frame shots that are visually striking. He sees not only the subject, but also the bigger picture. As a consequence, the viewer is entranced and drawn into the microcosms that ARMAИDO has conjured. ARMAИDO is of the belief that when it comes to capturing the essence of a subject, it is immaterial whether they are being filmed or photographed. It’s not about the medium - it’s about the message.

ARMAИDO’s message looks set to be a lasting one.



With the current ability of DSLR camera's to shoot HD video, ARMAИDO has now the opportunity to offer Video Packages to his Photographic clients.
Please visit the iwwww.kinetic-image.com section of this web site.